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Hamilton, and the celebrated old Drs. Wood, Valentine

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The prognosis is somewhat more favorable in the milder cases of " chronic

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The joints of the trunk sometimes participate in the disease, but hardly ever

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maternal grandfather, Major Lewis Hale, of Ulster county, New

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Now, here are five consecutive cases of effusion into the tunica

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several medical missions in foreign lands, all of which are

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were settled in this country in 1640. He was fitted for college at

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contact with comminution. On the whole, these fractures are

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of reducing the intense catarrhal inflammation and the produc-

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the mouth ; urine scanty or suppressed ; voice hoarse ; loss of

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from 1867-69 as an interne in Bellevue Hospital. Immediately fol-

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perpetuate the memory of the events in colonial history

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and their mutual relations, any such theory as the above can

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However, if, at the beginning, conservatism should be,

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the United States, which became generally used through-

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him much more trouble, possibly because blue is more absorbed

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A straight needle can be introduced more easily than a curved

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Superintendent of the same institution. He then traveled

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nodosa." If the smaller arteries of the muscles are attacked with resultant

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In Front. — By moderately strong pressure we can re-

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expose the anterior wall in the usual manner with Sims's specu-

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all his plans were formulated with that end in view. He

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obvious enough in severe cases. The same is true of the humerus. The