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has been lately done in Memphis namely furnishing competent
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and very painful to the touch. Tlie foot was immediately immersed in
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tient had suffered much before operation had completely disappeared
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Cienfuegos and Isla de Pinos. She entered into two engagements
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Frequent disinfection of the hands is credited Avith liaAdng kept
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Imperial Guards from Japan to Formosa about this time.
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berthing space of the ship proved inadequate at times. This however
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The lowest numbers of men affected with tuberculosis in the German
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ulcers and punctate haemorrhages. The gut was also thickened and
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Four tanks averaging gallons each are in the hold. The persist
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adjoining the sick bay. Each station has its operating table medical
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purpose of employing the patients in gardening that they may have
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solid food except perhaps n little scraped meat should be excluded.
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cold application. The temperature ran high and remained so. But
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than the tank. This is now being remedied. When under steam the
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The Bureau has not et received the report of Assistant Surgeon
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of independent blowers in the engine room and dynamo room one
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The pain was not confined to tumor but felt at times over whole
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cold storage room which is divided into three compartments has a
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voyage from Talien AYan in spite of rigid disinfection. At the third
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The sensation on entering the wardroom is similar to that on enter
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eration Peddlers old paper money musty books etc. were suspected of conveying
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Kaposi of Vienna while believing the bacillus is the cause of the
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deaths one due to heart trouble and the other to apoplexy.
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the pelvis and what tlie English and Americans style pelvic cellu
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States Marine Hospital Service read a paper before the congress on
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SlR In the in ildren whca parrTits are not able to take them
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excepting the executive s room which contains cubic feet while
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Since the arrival of the Bennington on the Asiatic station no shore
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reach the desired results. During heavy weather at sea when over
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volatile and unpleasant as sulphuric ether having a shorter
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of pericardium formed part of the aneurysmal sac. In the sac wall
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The ice machine has never given more than per cent of the results
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spread. For Instance a ton iron cargo steamer carried
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