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Station not furnishing statistics in as its ships were withdrawn
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in marine barracks made vacant by transfer of marines to Guantanarao
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which they accompany and within the tunics of which they are finally
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The health of the crew has been generally good. There has been
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Water and steam heat were introduced into the stable and repairs
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the slide. When not in service the stretchers are unscrewed at one
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medicines for alleviating all the symptoms of the disease. The effects
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directly with the open air above the superstructure are provided to
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unquestionably the most effective agents in its spread. In the way of
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disease which we are endeavoring to describe is true pelvic celluli
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room. The quarters for the medical officers are located in another build
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unknown here. When we deduct the injuries and the venereal cases
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custard apple are less abundant than on the south coast.
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IST. well inside the troiDics. It possesses a fine landlocked harbor one
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tioning of the skin. The Kroos wear no more than nature intended
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life. An emetic was suggested but he was perfectly horrified at
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posteriorly Nvhere it had rested against heart. Its cavity had been
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medical supplies. The sick bay is large enough to accommodate two
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stand says Prof. Da Costa a condition characto ized by albumen
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rial Jai anese army quarantine department had been transferred to
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The closets for the men are also constantly flushed and are kept in
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A Manual of the Practice of Surgery. By W. Fairlie Clarke