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intestines matted together bj peritoneal adhesions mesenteric glands

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He was also given a nutritive enema of ounce of chicken broth and

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cane crab grass smut grass aud Bermuda grass so well known in

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being blood stained. At the end of a week aspiration was repeated

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The paymaster s office a good sized inboard room on the berth deck

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these islands. The leper settlement of Molokai has now patients

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near the middle of th body each half will show sections of the

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that there is atrophy of the occipital lobes betrays a want of sufficient

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got up and resumed the daily use of the alum injections which she

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of procedure will grow far beyond its present narrow limits.

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entered the ward the patient had assumed a sitting posture while

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and more space for berthing the crew. From a medical officer s point

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Gibraltar August. One returned from the hospital at Copenhagen

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the usual compressing agents to be found in hospitals.

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dispensary and to have the deck overhead sealed with wood to stop

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Saturday evening July signal was made from the flagship for a

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no strangury or otlier difficulty with the ui ine. Patient left his

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sexual organs the uterine part of the placenta and the spleen as the

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weight lung capacity and total strength is due to exercise we must

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mination in the Science and Practice of Medicine and received certi

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see no objection other than the occasional inconvenience of even

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almost a a preventive of that form of insanity known as puerperal.

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tins abroad to invite immigration to and build up the material in

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alcoholic solution of the bichloride of mercury and dipped the straw

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bricks. The closets were in a rude building nearly feet away and

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thick. Multiple injuries were produced by the flying fragments but

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Mortality. There were deaths from valvular heart disease and

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a few weeks. New modern sanitary water closets and a comfortable