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the skin over them is innervated by the anterior crural.

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ficial (lighter percussion); yet both outline the border of deep cardiac dulness at the

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ought not to ask them to sleep with them, if we can help

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themselves from an old not fully healed lesion of tuberculosis.

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* The effusion, as noticed in the general remarks on inflammation/

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in small or moderate doses. Fuller regards the hydrochlorate of ammo-

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subject to inflammatory changes ; but it may truly be said that,

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over the left parietal bone. It is elastic and pulsates visibly ;

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heart, whence it was carried towards the back and left axilla

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sions, a diagnosis of pulmonary stenosis was reached. The

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in our conception of the pathology of this disease. In the first

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an opening of the right shank; this regulation is of impor-

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far as I could judge by foWowing them through consecutive

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trolling it should it come. A good deal of migration

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rhythmical movements. The strain in piano-playing falls on the extensors

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and try to come to some decision on the two antago-

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milk stands next in importance to infected water as a cause

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of medicine has been more cultivated in any country.

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cases remove what we may choose to call a lesion, in other

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sided ; it may then be employed with every hope of realizing its most

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ated spasm and the heparin helps to prevent thrombosis of

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It is therefore ob«ous that there is a natural process of cure.

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intercourse, some local signs of a disorder of the organs is

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male. Rep. Proc. Northumb. & Durhain M. Soc, New-

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is soon followed by atrophy and by vasomotor paralysis. It is not

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of Scotston, Dr Thorn, and others were elected as a committee " to

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curred between five and fifteen. The two sexes were affected nearly alike.

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by the oil combined with counter-irritation, where successful,

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the title of the '' Physico-Psychical Argument," takes up Mr.

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cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, biochemists, pharmacolo-

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of ox, goat and sheep. The corpuscles of horse, rabbit, rat, pig