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and received their second or permanent dressing at the division hos

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in the starboard side of forward turret compartment and in the super

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aUoAved to return to the Xaval Ilonu on January althouj li it

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which should be extended with vitrified earthen drains through the

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The ratio per of cases invalided from the service was.

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auxiliary fire room. When the vessel is under way the temperature

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tended her in her second confinement more than a year after the

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the cruising vessels of the North Atlantic Station was. on those

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of patients in other hospitals at home and abroad ap

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and according to Army Notification No. see Form appended or J ante

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are either a chair rigged for that purpose or the ambulance lift

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was noted on the ease papier tliat his nienu i y remained impaired.

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as shown by the weekly reports received and on file to May .

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Privj Councilor Professor Loftier of G reifswald in presenting his

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have myself seen several cases in the service which I considered were

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modern pathology the terms emplo ed being regarded as the most

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was exercised and to this I attribute the freedom from diarrha a to

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time the facilities at the various quarantine stations have been greatly

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ed. i p. recommends among other remedies the application of

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stertorous breathing rapid pulse and trembling limbs. The eight


The new electric elevator is located in the space between the main

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Naval hospital Mare Island Cal. For new boiler house boilers

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The various navy yarcls and other shore stations had a mean force

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two years. I then attended her for the first time and divided tlio

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this disease at Hongkong in and a more serious one in.

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means for the maintenance of efficiency in the Department of Medicine and Surgery

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out light and interfering with ventilation through the ports and hatches

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ragua Punta Arenas Costa Rica Acajutla Salvador and San Jose

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for its erection and also window sashes but there will be required

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emy and marine barracks surgeons offices and dispen

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Corps was admitted to the hospital on May for operation on account

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this work has been done no water has accumulated in the cellars. The