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the bunk or the bunk placed differently. This defect was onlj noticed
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partment should have fitted into it a w ooden cover which is capable
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performed at night with much embarrassment owing to the absence
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between November and April. One of the earliest cases
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the present deadlights have to be frequently closed to keep the water
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experience I have found the maximum and minimum temperatures at noon in the
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From December to December the temperature did not exceed
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set apart and fitted with modern aseptic apj liances as an operating
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admitted to hospital for the month undoubted cases of typhoid
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tion to which individual mosquito nets are indispensable to the average
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occurred on the Franklin and cases of epidemic catarrh on the
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In spite of disinfection the inhabitants fell ill very soon and whole families
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reflections from cither side of the uterus contain the Fallopian
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The occasion would seem to be favorable to call attention in as urgent
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slightest exertion which was supposed to be due to valvular heart dis
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of all cases at all serious and accounts for the relatively large number
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But how is infection effected Observation shows in the absence of
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holocaust to the ill feeling of families always disposed to attribute
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Navy yard Boston Mass. During the year the health of this yard
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Bishop system and with constant attention are usually in good sani
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whence they come whether he sees his persecutors and what forms
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The likelihood of a contamination of the water supply of this station
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important as about men are constantly employed in the shops
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them need be had but comparatively rarely but in private practice
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Leaving Havana we proceeded to Hampton Roads and later to
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communicating witli the upper air. This would reduce the temperature of this
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as the battalion was landed and encamped at Kej West the disease
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Even with communication restricted to military necessities much
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for pulmonar trouble. On admission he had a phthisical cough with
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single account against things uncooked mollusks unripe fruit unboiled water etc.
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grammes of sugar may be divided into ten powders of which three
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on serum therapy in disease i repared by Dr. George Tully Yaughan
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are struck with Uvo leading anatomical features the manner in
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On the first trip out two sporadic cases of rubeola developed about
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tunately this important public work was not completed until after the
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and is much less in price than the usual surgical operating tables seen
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to an enormous quantity of fluid removed but the patient finally
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Cyclones and hurricanes are frequent during the period of change
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formerly used as sailors quarters and temporary hospital is somewhat
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of. per general infectious diseases non venereal G.
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tions of the ship when one or more blowers happen to be under
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Upon motion the meeting adjourned until o clock this after
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vaccination is voluntary but there recourse to it can be dispensed
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and requirements. The plans and specifications of the new building
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In a communication recently received by the Bureau from the medical
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ferent nations and among the different vocations pursued by people
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Assistant. Applications to the Hospital any afternoon from to o clock.
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cold water he drank ounces of ice cold lemonade made with vichj
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the time ot Aetius. Lecorche observes that since the time of Willis opium
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During the past year the general sanitary condition of this ship
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will be readily understood by everyone who has had any experience in
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the patients had developed plague while isolated under the suspicion
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wash rooms were fitted up as storerooms. The head on the star
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man of the Navy and Marine Corps and. days as the average
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and no effort was made to obtain other specimens of blood.
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Engineer Adolfo Menocal United States Navy has also been erected.
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had been given up as incurable the treatment resulted in subjective
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can only be reached through the living quarters of the berth deck. It
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JS avnl hoapittd rhiladelphia Fa. In this hospital a large and well
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used to obivate this difficult the latter were painted so that in the
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measure of poisonous action for arres might al o be eflectcd