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were momentary approaches to consciousness marked by lifting the
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main cabin stateroom and bathroom the combined cubic air space
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ported by iron girders and have a surface of cement. The interior
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bone while the patient was under the influence of chloroform. For the
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Anodi ne Cb fifer. lt. Eoemata containing some preparation of
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and fifteen grains of ergotin increased on March th to thirty grains
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Hernia. Bassini s operation was performed in five cases with ex
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amputation was performed by circular method modified by an incision
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at large of the good results likely to follow from the deliberations of
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of candidates for such orders as the Knights of Honor.
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needed to meet the requirements of the yard in this respect.
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this lymph should be employed for the vaccination of his children.
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The Massachusetts has large gun turrets on the main or gun deck
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employed so near the end within two months of this epidemic. In
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both wound cavities which were connected by a free incision. After
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saponify the oils generally found mixed with the bilge water and
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acute stage of the epidemic the sphincters were unimpaired except
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the borough the presence of small pox and scarlatina.
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autopsy revealed a hard cancerous growth involving superior maxilla
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rent medicine would be ditlicult to obtain except by a knowledge
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From the great number of birds with which the island is tenanted a
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and husky and tubercular larjmgitis had been susi ected. The diag
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refuge for infected vessels. A temporary wooden building was con
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We arrived at Apia August and most of our time since has
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special duty in connection with the investigation of the outbreak of
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climate that thrive here are raised in but small quantities. Fruit of
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crowded and the building is not only inadequate but. from a sanitary
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not be difficult to submit to Dr. Hammond scores of persons whose
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board ever since the ship was commissioned. During the year there
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When the leper arrives at the settlement he is assigned a house and