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and Avere candidates for enlistment as apprentices and landsmen. An

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The general health of the ship s company during the year has been

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XI. Navy yaixls and other shore stations Detailed statement .

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The two buildings will be constructed as soon as practicable and

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By John C. Wise Medical Inspector United States Nary.

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changing drinking water to using the supply already tested in large

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disinfected of whom were detained. Disinfection was applied to

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inflammation and other unpleasant complications which frequently result from vac

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Of the many places visited hy the Bennington the best from the

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largement of the spleen which contained large masses of dark

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been unable to find the bacillus but claimed that such cases were

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numerous vessels and variously shaped groups of small round cells

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ing consciousness. No smell of carbolic acid could be detected in

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The DoljJh in is anchored just inside the bar and scarcely within

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un interesting paper entitled A method of tran.sportino the wounded

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implicated that the propriety of tracheotomy must be mooted but

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protects the lacerated surface from the lochia discharges then I

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no waj diminishing the efficiency of the quarters for the sick.

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health then after a sutftcient length of time at an oflficial meeting

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infectious diseases and gave the ship pratique accordingly. This

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they were presumed to be in the barracks. Both cases were immedi

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sinus were markedly anaesthetic the act of probing not being felt.

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His body was sponged regularly every hour and he was given ice


been kindly granted by the commanding officer. It has been a great

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lacerated wound each. There were no deaths under this class and

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with the temperature persistently high organic change and death

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A case of fistula urinalis was interesting because of the disaj pear

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position because just prior to that time I had read the testimony

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tion of a scarlatinal rash on the th of October active desquamation

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hospitals in Smyrna but they are all small ith the exception of the

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mortality among troops durino war. than any other group of dis

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At times merchant vessels have applied for medical and surgical

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after making certain modifications in the plans and specifications of the

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weather was always fine and clear though hot tlie men were usuallj

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cally unobstructed deck comfortably heated and aftbrdiug space for

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cases of traumatic aneurism were seen and one operated on.

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The unhealth conditions existing at the capital will not obtain at