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back teeth. The upper front teeth were knocked out bj the same

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naval hospital at Pensacola Fla. where it is urgently needed.

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to maintain the purity of the air without dangerous drafts.

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example of effective organization that is worthy of high praise. It is

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Genito urinary affections gave cases and sick days. They

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G street NW. was rented for the naval dispensary the laboratorj and

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mandant the i aymaster and the ordnance officer whereby the houses

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united in marriage to Ann daughter of the Hon. Frederick Xash

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grapple with them in the interests of self help. The key note of

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the public derogatory to the dignity of the profession and contrary to

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diseases appeared and also a limited number of cases of syphilis were

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The walls furniture and floor were frequently washed with mercuric

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During the year men were examined for enlistment of which

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We have suggested the idea once before but it is sufficiently im

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ery turrets and guns. Minor matters which at any other time would

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ment are the pantries for the officers messes. They are small

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assistant surgeons and physicians six female nurses six male nurses

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and the fact should be communicated to the disinfection room.

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they necessarily differed in accordance with the views taken of

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that care he taken to avoid woundiug the tliyroid ghmd less tronble

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facilitated bv the return of the Japanese troops from China before

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the same effect and according to Koch the spores of the Bacillus

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control the temperature of the body we gave internally

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The results obtained in these experiments showed that with careful management

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This particular fragment passed through an outhouse and a cocoa

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ing the sick in this tropical climate. It is directly over the dynamo