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service. There was history of a similar attack three years before.

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were discovered through these examinations. For methods see Appen

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Most frequently buboes present from the very beginning of their sup

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Dermatol w. Syphl. Kaposi Febcr Kombination Von Lupus

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nished men of the best general i hysical development.

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that occurred in the volunteers engaged in the actual worlc of cleaning

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icines according to his fancy. Many of the worst cases have ap

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abutting on the after end of the forward turret. They are of about

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the trustees of the infirmary declined the proposed amalgamation their

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Digestive processes effected by the agency of unorganized ferments

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the western part of the State Mng between the Sound and the ocean.

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case of lepra ancesthefica there had been a marked improvement at

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the other chronic infections. Unfortunately the first scientific studies

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cases of sj philis consecutiva. One case of arthritis gonorrhoica

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sary. Separated from their fellows by steel decks and water tight

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efficiency of Maignen s patent section water filter the special point

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by the Department from the French Government Medical Inspector

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ciable influence on the general health of the ship s company apparently

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were made and conveniences added. The great majority of the crew

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average number daily under treatment was. and the average

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During the year there were examined physically persons

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scanty and loaded with bile. Placed her upon vaccinium in large

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character of the country w ould lead one to expect.

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little more than per cent this matter so long as present conditions

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for fittings. It is provided with an air port and has also artifical

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Academy and the remaining men to the United States navy j ard

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been under treatment at army general hospital Kej West for

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and Inflammation of the Hair Follicles of the Beard by John

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able features which should make the system by supply of air from

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for their correction so far as is i ossible in these old buildings.

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ance of sclerotomy as an element in the treatment of glaucoma had

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Most of the cases were troubled with profuse night sweats which

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floors of the two wards of the main building library dining room

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pass a soft catheter through the wound into the bladder was unsuc

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first time it appeared in an isolated case which was treated at the

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the cabin pantiy and opposite tlie room of the chief engineer. A

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snap hooks the apparatus is easily completed. The seat portion has

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congenital or acquired has not been shown nor has it been demon

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state that while evidently a very popular institution if we may judge

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for a battle between two hostile powers. Arrayed on the one side is

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and that there was a slight prominence to the left of sternum near

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sweet nntamtecl air in the superstructure. The Bishop closets should

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other places to improve the quality of this most important hygienic

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the autumnal and winter rains. With the removal of the cause the

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working among lepers to contract the disease and believed that it

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obstructed by a foreign body and the passage of the faeces and of

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and hypera mia Sympathetic headache Headache from cerebral

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This case is interesting in two phases of it first in that one

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The mean force corrected for time was and the total num

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typhoid bacillus. The symptoms and severity of the disease varied

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apothecaries sent there for training in the very important duties of

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Case No.. Gunshot wound the bullet entering posterior border

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modifying the disease. The missionary physicians say that the dis

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occurs at Port Linion and at Punta Arenas. Tuberculosis has been

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occurred on the Olympia and that of cholera on the Bennington during

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sick has been seemingly high. but not so when it is considered

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and H respectively twelve of their filters of varjdng capacity and

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The ventilation is accomplished both by the exhaust and supply