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and finally a thick, viscid, greenish-yellow mass, consisting of granular

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their origin with local hypergemia. In malignant growths, in addition to

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ment of an epidemic ; it is gTeatest in those under one or over fifty years of

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lowed, as sometimes happens, severe diarrhcea and tympanitic distention of

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movement of the jaws. Then the local changes already described appear

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thoroughly saturated with the scarlet fever poison ; therefore it may be

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Chronic Cystitis, — Th ; s is much more common. It may be the result

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of dry cups, if the uraemic symptoms are still urgent, hot-air baths and

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fever, necrotic processes in cliroiiic phthisis, diphtheritic sloughs, ulcera-

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is less ra])id and the ])oison is less virulent during the day than at night.

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Tuberculosis of the pericardium is only met with in connection with

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In paper, price Is., by post Is. ld.1 In oloth, price Is. 6d., by post, U. 8d.

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stomacii feels weak, and there is nausea, ])erhaps vomiting. In some in-

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leaves a mass of fibrous tissue which is the result of the inflammatory

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injury to the muscles affected. Where this occurs in the tongue, serious

himalaya speman benefits in telugu

may be mistaken for active hyperaemia. Both acute and chronic hyper-

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secure sufficient relaxation, that the pared edges may be united. For

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Forcipressure consists simply of using a hemostatic forceps

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cocci ; when the cocci divide in two directions, forming squares, they are

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more, a long continued irritation and inflammation may even operate