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of myxcedema, and who was at first treated witli half a slieep's
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cination at the expense of the board. A death from small-pox occurred
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sxist." •■ -■Kr ,'fyffii.%tn^ .{^npiberipK of tlae pages»^or aj.and ^S 4p npt 1
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for green, 20 per cent, losing it. Vicarious menstruation had
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To those who knew him, it is needless to sound his praises.
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formed, ihe^ patient made an uninterrupted recovery. lu
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selves prevalence occurs every year, but not always to the
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vocated by Mr. Burdett. We know a school, and it is not the
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severely affected there had been a succession of outbreaks, at
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effect of the direct sun's rays are unable to counteract the in-
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its most important departments — important not only, owing toi
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groups as defective in development, nerve condition, or nutri-
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sumed ignorance of the authors of the Code of Medical E(hicf>, seeing
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city, aged 60 ; and Dr. John J. Craven, who, as Brigade-Sur-
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forms as are fit to struggle successfully with the natural
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colours for such purposes in the most remote antiquity; our
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of Leven, where 4 cases were discovered towards the end of last week,
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mas on the University question, and they were now assembled
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maintained and strengthened; and many a name would, he
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torsion of tlie spermatic cord, operated on at the South Devon.
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acid formed from the oxygen stored in the tissues. The as-
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and the most disquieting aspect of the matter is that the Surgeon-General
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made, all operations recorded, and periodic reports made.
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ment, for three months oq medical certificate, in extension; Surgeon-
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wouoded wa* the one most likely to die. very soon, alas ! an evil omen
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He entered as a student at the Middlesex and University
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given to the sad fate of this young man will hasten the time
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cancer, myxcedema, acromegaly, and adenoid vegetations of
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complete manual of clinical diagnosis if various additional
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clients of the iSei'd'iu contended that the belts were useless for medical
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not permit of our quoting largely from this interesting