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The average strength of the force afloat during the year was
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rooms pantries any place where a narrow mattress could be laid
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No deaths have occurred on this ship. Fifteen patients have been
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even very moderate seas wash over the deck fore and aft. At these
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great but heat and restlessness aba.ed somewhat diarrhoea under
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caliber of which is inches. The varying pressure in Tallejo the
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F. pulse. Three to ounces of cold water vichy were ordered
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tincture of muriate of iron tincture of digitalis and dilute
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ice plant on board this ship would add greatly to the comfort and
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be provided to conduct the sewage into deep water at some distance
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disinfection under certain conditions this destructive action will not
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The patient reported on the th of August with the symptoms of
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of faithful service sobriety and attention to duty. Its good results
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nections and traps throughout together with a considerable increase
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of cases in which daily records of the composition of the urine were
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Attention is called to the necessity of improving the sanitary condition
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neurasthenia and fracture each and remittent fever anaemia
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to be stocked in the liver as glycogen should be absorbed at an
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then removed and the brain taken out when it was found that the
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yard has not yet been completed. Considerable grass and rubbish
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All the compartments below have steel decks covered with linoleum
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Yjoi gt i tills w ay standard serums are gotten. Tests with human
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fever while growing up and thinks ho never fully regained his
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been granted to restore the sick bay to its old situation and the
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sick rate exemplifies how much can be done to maintain good health
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state that it is impossible for her to carry out the suggestion. The
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very small br. ght corpuscles which developed after twenty four
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April and on April while attempting to urinate felt a sudden
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Union Iron Works San Francisco and was put in commission at that
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and although the quantity of fluid injected be restricted as much
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Streets Thomas H.. medical inspector special report by
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navy yards and stations and for care and maintenance
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White Stephen S. passed assistant surgeon note on a case of fracture
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Naval hospitals improvements repairs etc. at see Naval hospitals reports
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epidemic catarrh prevailed to some extent there having been admis
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to ambulance ship thence to naval hospital Norfolk and on July
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Antiseptic dressings and support in a sling were maintained until the
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Navj depend solely upon the regulation ration. Whatever may be
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extensive cruising among the islands the food has been good. The
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intestinal parasite ankylostoma duodenale they were chiefly among
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this way obviated the objection spoken of by Dr. Murpliy.
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from his heart. By way of parenthesis I would express the belief
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Its work was brought before it now it must seek it.
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the membership And generally will you kindly favour the com
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in. It returned similarly in a case where acute mania interrupted
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ings of the Council were admitted as such on the Sth instant.
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The ventilation of the firerooms has been improved by the removal of