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there is a neAV thing for the medical man to learn, for his first duty when

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S. A., aged 32, was admitted into Stamford Infirmary, Juiie I.?,

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that it was done, and one such allusion in his report was erased by

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one of whom was named Thomas. The last of the eight

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J, on the contrary, it extends over weeks, and sometimes several

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movement is an adjuvant in the prevention of the formation of

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have been greatly extended in the three years intervening. These

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ended fatally, the duration being indefinitely prolonged.

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them that the first operation recorded in history was per-

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this single volume, the physician and student are well equipped on a fundamental subject

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ithere is complication with tubercular diathesis, accompanied by cough,

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little uutriiueDt. it ia claimed, indued, that they are iujariuos fmm Ik

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teach them a few lessons on the subject of ventilation.

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VIII. — Five hundred grammes of fresh lung-tissue from

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may point to some common factor in the joint lives of the suf-

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many animals destroyed by the administration of repeated doses

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On respiration there is little expansion, but an elevation of

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however they may be in the solid and serious means of sub-

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which compels them finally to continually resort to this stim-

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formed with similar results, except that one rabbit did

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electrodes were placed very near one another, a strong current pro-

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seek surgical aid. The prognosis after surgical inteivention is much

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hygienic regulations appropriate to chronic affections generally.

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apposition of the slip to the paper, without, at the same time,

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examined by the physicians in charge until the case

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Dr. Talbot will make a specialty of microscopical and post-mortem examinations

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may be attached to save their linen from becoming soiled. This' latter

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