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year to begin a winter s cruise in the West Indies.

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ment on the subject dated Februarys be approved that a

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duty August. Number of days on sick list seventj five.

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Hernia cases fracture deformity and each of frostbite

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to solve the problem. The ammunition passages of the orlop deck

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planking of pier rebuilding feet brick river wall along beach

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of years ago made the statement that the advances in operative surgery

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inquiries and making explanations. I am indebted to him also for a

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means of cooling it. An opening was made through the deck and a

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pathology etiology and symptoms were described and also the treat

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cussion on a subject and thereby to benefit by the remarks of

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length of time at certain wharves of the navy yard there during the

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sities and are untiring in their efforts to promote the interests of the

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reception all patients who would bear transportation had been trans

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or other complicated appliances which are so apt to become foul and

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traversed by a number of steam pipes and for this reason the proper

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diseases cases of pulmonary consumption cases of gonorrhoea

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the lack of a proper knowledge of the development of Statistical

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have accessory zygomatic processes and very large metapophyses sup

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As regards hygienic surroundings of officers and men I would say

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are but the sequelae of her miscarriage and beyond resting up a little


tation will prove successful but sterility is not readily overcome.

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bv him division of the ciliary muscle though it had never been

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tj plioid fever appeared. This was followed by four in quick succes

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The skin of face and neck was livid from passive congestion. The

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During the past year the general sanitary condition of this ship

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operation in almost any weather. There were three days on leaving

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and venereal wart and each of cystitis and urethral stricture. Two

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In general terms excessive heat as you know reduces strength endurance and

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its further extension in an addition of equal height and having an area

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tissue. In one of the cases at llirce separate operation I made

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general system and no otlier communication is possible with forced