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two small the air intakes exceed the outtakes in sectional area.
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approached centrally from the hospital through a spacious conserva
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duties of a medical officer afloat and on shore. This naval medical
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artificial light and ventilation. In port too when the awnings are
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Dr. Alvarez Honolulu stated that the strict law in force in
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The settlement at Molokai is ideally situated for quarantine pur Doses.
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The official recognition of the United States Naval Museum of
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stores model hospital tent with fittings to be transported on wheels
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ance has been afforded health officers and physicians in finding and
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the vascular excitement gives place to nervous exhaustion and as
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cumb the following day to another uncontrollable secondary hemor
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duty. A landsman acceptable and competent for the work would be
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from Pernambnco. The dock was cut from a solid stone foundation.
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ment of these diseases amounted to nothing more than reflections
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in large numbers on articles of consistency like handkerchiefs spit
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the ventilation of the dynamo room and they were carried out as far
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improvement in his general condition. It was decided on consulta
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tions and asthma also occur. There are about cases of leprosy
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left the Delaware on August and there was no case of the disease
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into conduits under the streets. Osaka now has a system of sand
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destination Octobei where she was placed in reserve earl in
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work the Sanitary Institute accomplishes each year outside of London.
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child fell into a quiet sleep would they consent for the continuance.
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the sick bays should be fitted with all necessary comforts and conven
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the pulse irregular. The child being in imminent danger it was
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cases of heat prostration occurred. It was noticed that a condition of
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dry dock. The febrile state was followed in many instances hy sub
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The onset and course of the symptoms thus sometimes enable us
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and rugged constitutions trained in a military spirit healthy in body