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Medical Magistrate.— On the recommendation of the

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ing group in my statistics. One a youth, aged 17, had a per-

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London Hospital ; E. L. D. Dewdney, King's College ; J. H. L. Duke,

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Dr. John Tatham, Lecturer on Hygiene to the Owens Col-

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evidence of the f ail ure of vaccination (from the returns of the Registrar-

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On passing a fine trocar into the right flank the presence of

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say that they are not as extensive, not as high as they ought

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soap— or, if preferred, a solution of soda— aiccording to the

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received the Crimean and Turkish medals, with -'ebastopol clasp. As

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resonant, and gas could be felt to gurgle in it on pressure. The tumour

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Health for the Kirkby Lonsdale Urban Sanitary District.

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all the organic liquids have a useful tonic effect, some of

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such as alcohol in hot water, with or without a little nitro

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formed about the thirteenth day. In the obliteration of the

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1892, and find that the average minimum temperature for

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workman led to a correct diagnosis. One patient was well pitted with

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tology in medical libraries, and it must always retain the

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i^ever.— Under this heading are included deaths from typhus, enteric

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with the servants, and wants to leave the place. She makes her hus-

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acting drug contains in it an essence of wisdom, which leads

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dered to tlie Council. He also expn-ssed his regret at the

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that the time had come for final closure of the wound.

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health, he did not know what was the matter with me. I

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Discussion. — A discussion on Asiatic Cholera was opened by

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Surgeon-Captain J, W. Wolfe, Bengal Establishment, is appointed to

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meet with all the little camps, movements of troops, etc., etc., which, as

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this IS the only case in which I have employed a drainage tube

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to the outer hall of Poupart's ligament, and three fingers' breadth in-