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among the crew to catarrhal troubles probably due to the dampness
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the deaths from disease incident to naval operations in the Tropics
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ments of officers for disability and transfers to the Government Hos
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lepers. Everj thing points to the one assertion that mankind itself is
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autumn of SS he was attacked with shivers and dysentery. The
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ticularly request that all personal questions be set aside on the prin
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or rooms if they are communicating rooms is tied up in bundles and
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Of the persons admitted to the Slaughter House Hospital alive were
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produce disease cannot be gases or simple cliemical bodies andnuisf
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ward supply leads down from the starboard side of conning tower
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alcoholic solution of the bichloride of mercury and dipped the straw
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was improv ed and he was discharged. On July he was again
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contracted at the Washington Navy Yard and with one exception
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devices. It seems to us the pessary question has now been brought
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draining it into the bilge has been considered but as the tank would
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This paper has a peculiar interest being the views of anon medi
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them are poor and miserably clothed and housed the houses being
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way up dividing there into two stairways to the right and left.
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intestinal parasite ankylostoma duodenale they were chiefly among
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The filter beds were afterwards used for A egetable gardens and
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storeroom for mess supplies. On the upper floor of the administrativ e
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Microscopical examinations revealed the presence of the malarial
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rhoea gastralgia valvular heart disease asthma laryngitis myalgia
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reasonable limits there being only cases in all a number which I
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repairs at the several naval hospitals which were commenced a few
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Royal College of Surgeons to all teachers of anatomy and physiology
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as require to be placed in a modern sanitary condition. Minor repairs
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arrived with the men in a fairly good condition compared with those
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five sacral and thirty seven caudal. There are rudimentary clavicles.
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A cistern for the collection of rain water having a capacity of
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additional articles as were deemed necessary to place the building in
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occupants is greater. Its shape and dimensions are irregular the
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Xaval hospital Portsmouth JSf. H. During the year repairs have
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boat but the quantity was inconsiderable. The live birds and tomatoes
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simple closet in the rear and the same amount would supply enough
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than acute prostatitis. The symptoms in both forms are similar
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for diverting the sewage from the Eastern Branch entirely and deliver
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and to himself. Hansen wi ote about the rods which he called the
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hospitals as are provided with training schools for nurses.
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stance a copious perspiration followed. Arguing from this that a
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officer and none shall be allowed on board that are pronounced unwholesome the
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ers among the lepers. They are generally well cared for and appar
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ham as solicitor and concluded by expressing the hope that the pro