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mony between experimentation and clinical experience.
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appoint a commission composed of members mth power to
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tough. After evacuating the cheesy contents the dissection was con
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cian to the support of his family and the education of his children.
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becomes necessar to disinfect the floors walls ceilings beds furni
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of formalin sprinkled therein the outside of the box being washed
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and noxious vapors accumulate in spite of every sanitary precaution.
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the pathology of glaucoma. An increased definiteness has of late
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the preservation of objects already collected transportation of con
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of Kauai visiting the ports of Nawiliwili Hanalei and Waimea.
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during the latter part of our stay there the systemic exhaustion and
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where. There was no great change of temperature during our stay
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and the lower lid to the cheek. The greatest difficulty was experi
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naginis but also a severe burning sensation along the entire pro
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were applied and part immobilized thence to naval hospital Norfolk
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l robability b the ladders manropes door handles and the like.
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closed and care in producing thorough diffusion of the air constantly
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Scarlet fever and diphtheria were more or less common in the town
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the scalp. The anterior or wound of exit was cm. above the nasion
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as shown by the weekly reports received and on file to May .
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Sclerotic Acid. This acid is probably the active principle of
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some of the substances of the group next to be mentioned. Among
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peculiar yellowish or brown discoloration about chin and cheeks.
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suppurating inguinal glands. Various forms of treatment were tried
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and chemistry has been utilized by the medical officers with most satis
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Mv ore an earth closet system. This would necessitate the most careful
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port which passes through the sick bay. The wardroom mess room
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easily worked by one person and not getting out of repair. The upper
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Eight cases of hernia and of alcoholism were invalided from service.
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the buildings during the past year and the grounds of the hospital
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While at the New York Navy Yard water for drinking and cooking
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and tighten the next lowest stitch and so on until all the stitches
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exclusively on either excitability or contractility. This probably
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for diverting the sewage from the Eastern Branch entirely and deliver
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two trained nurses being at his bedside constantly two im nnne
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Avas requested to continue the subject which he did in a pamphlet
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house. The condition of these people has been very pitiable
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period of several years during which there had been numerous attacks
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tion but also space for heating lighting and disinfecting plants and
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Instructions w ere given in the applications of tourniquets bandages
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The last census was in. The total number of inhabitants including Euro
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rooms. As a board room they have been very satisfactory but as
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mental analyses. He found a solution of the active principle to
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afterwards in this hospital at which time the most prominent sj mp
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carefully attended by a machinist when in use the feed frequently
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tivating fluid is not rightly chosen the bacteria fail to multiply.
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from its electric fan effect. In cold weather this is not comfortable
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each to pneumonic tuberculosis vaccina anaemia tonsillitis and pleu
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Freetown Sierra Leone was founded by the British for the same
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nation its duration varying from seven to nine years. It is necessary
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way of getting rid of the heat was undoubtedly employed by some of
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year to year by the Expiring Acts Continuance Bill. It can we
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ergot having a feeble acid affinity uniting with sodium to form
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Wound widely opened scraped cleansed and drained and fragments
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of Julj the casualties were so few and the destruction of the enemy
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heated by steam and condensed water is used for drinking and cook
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There is no ice except that which is brought by steamer from Havana.