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mucous margins were seen to be healing, while the submaxillary glands

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of hysteria, there is actually some original defect in the organisation of

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arterial wall, and the pulse is invariably small. For a long time no

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substance stained red with picrocarmine. The areolae surrounded by

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recent election of a successor to the late Sir J. V. Simpson, a subject

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regurgitation— with the sudden filling of the ventricle with a "flop" of

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moment, when we consider the enormous scale on which the armed

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muscles of the quarter and thigh, passage of hsemoglobinuric urine.

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than the posterior half; at a rough estitnate, its thickness may be taken

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killed on the 8th May. In the first tubercles were found on the

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other hand, the source of the disease is permanent." More recent writers, Bernutz

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On the 13th April the general condition was bad. The animal lay

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ance from the Society. The sum of the grants for the half year amounted

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with paroxysms of acute pain, during which it whined and sometimes

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.St. George's, i P.M. — Central London Ophthalmic, i p.m. — Royal

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paresis or paralysis, albuminuria, and icterus (produced by visceral

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of Technical Chemistry in connection with the Institution. While

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On the 6th March the mare, which was on the way to complete

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I ought to add that in other cases the result has not been so happy.

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81, 83, 84, two at 89, 90, 91, 97, 100, and 104 yeaw.

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of supposed cancer of the uterus published by the late Dr. Ashwell, of

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condition, adults are treated with alkalies, arsenical preparations, iodide

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story he had listened to ; Craske, always pale, looked

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Various secondary disturbances are seen. Appetite is lost ; diges-

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pared with the importance of the structures actually divided, and with

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appetite, cough, depression, a little nasal discharge, and progressive

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The following case presents subjects of sufficient interest to require

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quence of this certificate, the Registrar-General ordered the body to be

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as comprehensive a view of the diseases plaguing the population dis-

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occurring during the course of the disease originates in the very

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cavity of the third molar was almost filled up. That of the fourth still

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produced an antitoxic serum by injecting different animals with tuber-

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for me, I saw one of your papers containing engravings of the falling of the womb,

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alone have afforded the opportunity of tapping the pericardium without

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organ injected into other guinea-pigs seventy-two, eighty-three, and