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nostic evidences of typhoid fever. Talamon ^ distinguishes these cases

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more rare to-day than they were in the time of Priessnitz, of which I

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chronic disease, and in neurasthenia, hysteria, and hypochondriasis,

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to can. It is white and clear, but if too much sugar is added

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^ "The Value of tlie Tnberculin-test in the Diagnosis of Pulmonary Tnliercnlosis,"

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plum. Our common persimmon is of this genus, the Dios-

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nary apparatus. On the end of this a tube about a foot and a half

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The author has endeavored to cover every point in the discussion of

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ter change sometimes leads to sudden rupture of the muscular fibers,

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and after the battles. The horrors came generally a few days

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absolute hollow rottenness of his government and, as a natu-

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The view that pneumonia is an infectious disease, whose chief rec-

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with their now thickened walls are sometimes knotted together so firmly

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siderably enlarged. As friction is executed upon successive parts of

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fast as the Japan walnut, but is not hardy generally in the

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possibility of overlooking hyperthyroidism. This is best accom-

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of middle age, of normal weight, and very bright, has just

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lashing to the economy. It diminishes the depression so marked in

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cation in cardiac, renal, hepatic, uterine, and nervous diseases. What-

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ciently often to he of any n-e. It nniy he accepted as a very

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titioner a therapeutic method of which he has usually the most vague

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Differential Diagnosis. — (1) Typhus fever is to be differentiated by its

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really do much more for our patients than by saturating

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albumin, and therefore, by the consumption of some of her

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error are eliminated in this judicious report. It may be of interest

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at the Salpetriere, and in 1833 Voisin founded his private

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their trunks; namely, that cold applications arouse reflex narrowing,

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this further decline occurred mainly in the earlier months of 1917 ;

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sudden impingement of a considerable volume of cold water, propelled

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are twenty-four large institutions in the United States caring

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are ill is by no means a reason they should not drink tea or

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has too often been noted to require to be cited in evidence of this

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vessels become engorged, and pain and tenderness disappear. The

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phagocytic activity — the natural power of resistance. It is a familiar

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ing this, I usually give an antiseptic in typhoid fever. It may

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per cent, of the milk. The sugar percentage is low, the fat

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many sequelae which Ave cannot estimate. Ashby and Wright place the

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examples of English gluten flour. They contained 7.6, 16.7,

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MacKenzie's and ]\Iusser's statistics are equally corroborative.

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elect just what we are to do, and do it secundum art em.