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tains within and in the immediate neighborhood of the surgeon s room.
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and yield to anti syphilitic remedies locally applied. In rhinoscler
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repaired and ward chairs purchased. Four new water closets have
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Nero in San Francisco on Februarj where a decided lowering in
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veins were distended marked ascites was present epigastric region
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of the water tanks about gallons was recommended to be
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disease andinjury sick days daily average of atients transfers to hosxyital discharges
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parts are involved and the tendency of the disease is towards a fatal
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have not even seen any considerable portion of the very complicated
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their hulls by the river bank and the Taku mud village.
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many cases of acute illness by keeping dry the foot apparel of those
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vision for his widow and children. The committee consists of Sir J.
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through a corneal wound did not cure.. The scleral incision by
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and should be repaired. The exterior wood work including veranda
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Russia has for three years frequently used ati infusion of the snn
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With regard to the dressing needful after the stitches have been
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number of admissions sick days and daily average of sick over the
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coolies forms the general and very pleasant means of conveyance.
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Thetis U. S. S note of a case of fracture amputation
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civious dreams or erections and which leaves a sharply defined grey
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Council which has power to act by the and Vict. to these
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ing functions of the cord arc impaired and the highest level of
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and Wilmington w onld have done her share in so far bettering her
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tures. They are heated by radiators and are uushellacked.
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Deaths of adult residents from tub rculo.sis. enteric fever smallpox
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designed and constructed so as to be available for teaching purposes.
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into details regarding it further than to say that no contagious or
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A number of men at various times were more or less overcome by
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strength too is so far restored that he was able one day this
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in severe winter weather are too cold for comfort. The radiating
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instances they persist though they are at present very slight. Spasms
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sand strip forming as it were a backbone though the main features
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same route as would have to be emploj ed in action. Probably in
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traps the covers of which were movable that there was no accumula
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It is trusted that our own Government will take similar action and
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the number of mosquitoes and other insects it is surprising that mala
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unconscious in a street near by. On admission left ear was found
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The contention of Zambaco as set forth in his paper submitted to
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thus expressed himself Justice to my patient justice to inyself
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Headaches Their Nature Causes and Treatment. Bv William
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It has been noted as curious that the saliva of man possesses more
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The explanation of this series of reactions is impossible on the
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woven mosquito net is essential to rest or sleep for mosquitoes are
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objection to your using or publishing all such facts but it would
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In view of all these facts the problem naturally arises How can
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when the usual depth is restored by clean sand. The same sand is
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are shown in the following detailed statement of the various hospitals.
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ursi of commerce which is baled and shipped in large quantities to
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compare the salts of soda and ammonia and potash in respect
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affection and was accordingly very strictly dieted and to this