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The greenhouse was repaired and enlarged and brick ash pit placed
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cations existed in a few cases Conjunctivitis acute bronchitis con
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If you also give remedies that will lessen all action and prevent the
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hoisting compartment and entered the mouth of a shipwright who was
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termining the degree of putrefaction in the interior of the body.
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cian to the support of his family and the education of his children.
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Smja ua is a city of something over people of whom about
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ity witliAgNOis lime none iron none Inirdness none Clark s soap
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former the danger that infection might be carried through open doors
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disappeared from the skin and the patient made a rapid and perfect
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and fifteen grains of ergotin increased on March th to thirty grains
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reaching Osaka a great deal was done by the sauitary officials and by
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its rate corresponds measurably to the height of the fever. Within
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oxide. The rotatory power of maltose is loO that of grape sugar
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days drill in squadron evolutions off Chefoo. On October we arrived
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hours or when this is not possible they maj be subjected to the
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was confined to cases all of which were sent to hospital. Two cases
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A Contribution to the Knowledge of An lt jiosi rcomala. Maurer
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The city is well supplied with hospitals and most of them have been
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its normal size and weight in place of being supported by the relaxed
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tember and has done admirable service. The first trip was made Octo
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for the occasion and to pronounce Guiteau insane because this de
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its action I was particular in collecting the following facts O. being
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of the Navy and increasing the efficiency of these establishments.
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tures usually moderate the extremes noted being and. Doubt
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nual death rate in twenty two European cities was equal to. per
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own weight into the anterior part of the bladder. The patient is
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be the case. Following this Ave have failure of the heart to force
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made use of for the confinement of prisoners especiallj in hot climate
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ing will commence. clock. rf the titles to the Honorary Secre
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sent to New York Assistant Surgeon Marcour being left in charge.
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a great many of the bot water pipes were replaced by new.
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eifects being elevations of their temperatures of from to F. This
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new sink and wash basin new furniture and changes in the medical
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not only be somewhat extensive but also designed to include the sepa
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made. The claims of I Iarvey in respect of his possession of considerable
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this time considerably increased. The museum was accordingly
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varying conditions of weather. The wearing of white duck shall be confined to
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efforts of the surgeons will avail but little. From the accounts of one
and nerves stand a better chance of escape than with the larger bullet.
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