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when the patient attempted to walk. He recalled a case of

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xvii, 681-684. — Purjesz (I.) A dobixreg hiohlit6se a fiil-

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employed in the treatment of tetanus, but its physiological effects would indicate that

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the i)ain of the injections, and had not gained in strength. The ergotine

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OF MEDICINE. Second Edition. Crown 8vo. cloth, 10s.

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standing there is no free act of the will in the choice of things or

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hydrochloric acid to supplement any genuine deficiency

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it is rendered pretty certain, by these figures, that ulcer is the most

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about 6fo. He reviews the literature, describes the normal and

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the preparation and of the nature of Behring's antitoxine. The rationale

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cases died. If a stricture present, we cannot get into the

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cancer. For example, for serum PSA values well within

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nitrate of silver, applied with the laryngecal porte

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between the ages of 18 and 34 years. 14 However, the

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medical journal. But, my dear sir, there is a feel)leness, a want

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imen has some theoretic and practical drawbacks in the treat-

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with the placing of a Flight Surgeon in each flying school in the United

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great excess, and bathing and soaking the cells), restores the

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treatment. At times it was necessary to prescribe a home

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tion is not settled. Nor is it yet possible to state with certainty how far the acces-

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and classification of the sick and wounded, and mortuary records of the Confeder-

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and that when it does not manifest its influence in twenty

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which the patient voluntarily placed them prior to its commencement,

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tality of 2.2 per cent. On the second day, of 456 cases, 37