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Buckmaster,'" Matthews Duncan," Percy Boulton,'-' and
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alienists, an author of a recognized treatise on in-
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corpora quadrigemina and floor of the fourth ventricle,
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The constrictions are observed in both the larger and small intes-
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intermittent, and gas is frequently passed per rectum.
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blood corpuscles. In those cases in which no albumen
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and ultimately there was a total absence of bile, they " appearing like
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hearts, he concluded that a certain amount, probably less than 0.0002 mg., was
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PHARMACOLOGY. By Forrest Ramon Davison, B.A., M.Sc.,
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the membrana tympani can be had. All syinptoms of pain and
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Med. Rec, N. Y., 1896, 1, 789. — IVason ( E. N, ) On the
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function in the lungH, such oa the occurrence of sudden
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one on Cholera Infantum, by Dr. A. W. Brown. Dr. I. T. Talbot,
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tive use of coffee, tea, antimony, ether, whites of eggs, an-
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surmised that they were written by an invalid disabled by
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As an illustration of the correctness of this view, the following case is
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W. MILLIGAN. M.D. (Manchester), Sub-Ed. | R. LAKE, F.R.C.S. (London), Man. Sub-Ed.
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In addition to this number there were 271 men of Section A living
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sur la thalassothferapie dans les maladies des yeux, 4 propos I
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cian to Guy's Hospital — to those of one having the
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tremity or in the distant organ to which it is distributed. This
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Ext. stramonium, i gr. ^^^ literature of Sander's Eucalyptols
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Derby, in order to communicate a steady warmth to a large ma-
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any school, though not a certain guide, is very suggestive of the kind of
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tubercular matter seems to be formed during the existence of the
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ance of those little excrescences called corns, which will not
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Paraplegic Contracture. — This contracture, localized in the lower limbs,
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cases. It was lost on the side of lesion in a case reported by Wetzel ;
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circumstance that neuralgia occasionally continues after the remoiiil
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evidence of witnesses is more conflicting than in diphtheria,
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amount; if necessary, the bowels, in the mean time, being gently