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station a disinfecting plant of the latest pattern and bathing quar
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secure diffusion of the agent for at the ordinary temperature the
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necting it with the main road through the grounds was laid the
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tions. d. The insanity which is consecutive to neuroses may be
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Mortality. There were deaths due each to typhoid fever and
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chicken breasted deformity. Any obstruction in the larynx is
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interior construction and the plan of improvements contemplated were
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year and your attention is respectfully called to the reports thereof
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clearly traced. But cases resulted and thorough disinfection after
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Fever Epidemic in Memphis and the Mississippi Valley by Dr. R.
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most expensive way to transport all infected cases there without delay.
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having been seriously damaged by an earthquake which occurred on
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case of scarlet fever which occurred probably under the same conditions.
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room and no intercommunication should be possible except through the disinfec
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son the bricks being porous become saturated with moisture the
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ular rheumatism of appendicitis and cases of injuries.
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tion to the febrile symptoms hsematemesis bloody stools and urine.
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promptly sent to hospital and measures taken to prevent the spread of
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and asphyxia from coal gas spinal luxation and suicide by shooting
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soon be completed. In a previous report the extent and nature of the
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accomplish very little in keeping it comfortably warm in severe