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hundred and seventh cases of disease also received emergenc assistance.

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rhoids and icterus paronychia and cellulitis each. There were

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Resolved That the Medical Society f the State of North Caro

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The wound of the side was just back of and below the posterior

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and well ventilated buildings are of unusual importance in a locality

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months. These directions certainly seem somewhat fanciful but

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report was introduced into both Houses of Congress and favorably

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throw water from a fire hose over any of the buildings.

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diabetes mellitus results in the death of nearly half of all such patients

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Interest continues in the study of this important subject and the

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catarrh haemoptysis arthritis bursitis ulcer and adenoma.

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five sacral and thirty seven caudal. There are rudimentary clavicles.

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ciles or unwilling perhaps to do so the treatment can be administered

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Case No.. Lacerated wound If inches long just below sterno

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The space allotted to the medical department is in equipment build

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ture which furnishes room for the quarters of a commanding officer with

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aside from the examination of plans and models belonging to museum

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from measurements of several thousand students at Harvard Uni

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If this does not succeed Prof. Zeissl then resarts to the employment

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and drainage the case then progressed favorably and was discharged

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iiiidei the patronage of His jMajesty King Alfonso XIII and Her

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course of about miles it widens into a broad bay over miles long

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bodies of the men thev wounded. The ranges were close sometimes

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during the treatment. I have seen several of those he discharged as