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Transplantation of the Cornea. — The " Lancet " says that " Dr.

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with hemorrhagic spots. The contents of the intestines may

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which should engage tlie attention of an ardent and

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and throughout the nisjht tbe patient became very noisy and


on the application of an antiseptic treatment modified to suit lying-in women.

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cation. Circumscribed pelvic peritonitis on the side operated upon

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and the heel outward; at the same time it is turned

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as has often been done, especially in children, by premature interven-

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labor had set in, and ran its fatal course with all the

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no stimulant, but to decrepit persons coming into hospital, run

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fievre typhoide. Courrier m6d.. Par., 1899, xlix, 351. —

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cryesthesia either on contact or without, a sense of an "electric shock"

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tary granules and microcytes. The other theory, advocated by Neumann, Bizzozero,

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came, not because success and popularity arrived, but

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are, as I think, misrepresenting the fair and honorable medical profession

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paralytic must vary with the stage of the disease ; in all I think alcohol

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continued to take it. Good habits in the taking of water

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sule and through the temporo-sphenoidal lobe to the surface ; into the tip

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Walton). In one there was failure to cure the upper tumor

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In a general population like our own, all observation on this

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Gm.) ; of a fluid extract, 5-^ drops (0.833-2 Gc.).